JA-Pens has a Canine Good Citizen Evaulator on staff!
We know how to groom winners.
JA-Pens Grooming Salon staff are pet CPR certified !
Did you know that JA-Pens Grooming Salon offers a brush-out service?

JA-Pens Grooming Salon

Quality Grooming Since 1962

Large or small, we groom them all!

5608 Virginia Beach Blvd. | Virginia Beach, VA 23462

757-497-PETS [7387]

Open Weekdays 7:30 AM–6:00 PM

Your pet could be featured on our website photo gallery. Ask one of our staff about our pet photo program.

JA-Pens Grooming Salon Now Offers Spa Treatments.

JA-Pens T-shirt

JA-Pens Grooming Salon offers customized T-shirts, Tote Bags, and more!

The Old Village Roaster

In our shop, we offer custom coffee roasted by The Old Village Roaster! (Owners only!)

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest was Fun!

JA-Pens Grooming Salon participated in the 2014 2014 Lafayette RIVERFest with the Bernese Mountain Dog Club of Hampton Roads.

Over 3500 people (not to mention dogs) turned out to learn more about keeping local waterways clean.

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest Photo 1

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest 1
(Photo Credit: Dory Hoffman)

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest Photo 2

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest 2
(Photo Credit: Dory Hoffman)

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest Photo 3

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest 3
(Photo Credit: Dory Hoffman)

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest Photo 4

2014 Lafayette RIVERFest 4
(Photo Credit: Dory Hoffman)

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